To keep "The Big Quit" from knocking on your door, step up transparency, flexibility and development.
The numbers are startling. The Labor Department reported that nearly 3% of the US workforce quit their jobs in September. That's right. In just one month.

A survey by Lattice reveals that it's not over yet, with 54% of US workers looking to change jobs.

What do workers want? The Microsoft Work Trend Index and Lattice study suggest some answers:

43% feel that their career paths have stalled
47% want more growth opportunities
73% want flexible remote work options
67% crave more in-person time with team members
62% of team calls are unscheduled and digital communication is creating overload
What's more, those ages 18-25 need guidance in entering the workforce as business transforms. Today's environment makes it especially difficult for them to share new ideas or be heard in meetings.
Great, but what's the solution?
As with most challenges, communication is the starting point. People need to know what's happening within the company, their departments and their roles—and have a clear picture of what their own futures might look like.

Next, it's time to embrace hybrid and flexible work models. That means:

Training managers on how to manage remotely
Standardizing communication platforms to minimize disruption and streamline work
Redesigning the workplace and ensuring that employees have what they need wherever they work
Relationships with managers remains the single biggest driver of employee resignations, so ensuring that yours can effectively manage, recognize performance and nurture growth is more important than ever.
These skills don't come naturally.
While effective communication and leadership may be innate to some, these are skills that must be learned and developed. Without proper training, managers struggle and workers (and the whole organization) will suffer.

To support your teams through this time of great transition, Creative Workforce Solutions offers customized training and coaching in:

Effective Communication
Career Development and Mentoring
Managing Remotely
Leadership Development
And we're creating a new program in Managing in the New World that will be ready soon.
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We can also help you with hybrid work policies, employee development plans, talent acquisition and more. Let us know how we can support you!
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