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We're growing: Meet our latest addition.

Welcome Jocelyn Virgil-Phillips. Our newest HR consultant delivers extensive general HR experience, with background in companies large and small.

Jocelyn has honed her skills at some of the best-known names in pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, instilling a first-hand perspective on the challenges unique to manufacturing and distribution facilities. In addition, she has worked at smaller, privately held companies, and is comfortable with being an HR team of one.

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Build and retain talent with the new Coach In Residence™ program.

Career growth is a key priority for the millennial workforce—research suggests that opportunities to advance are valued even more highly by this group than by those in other generations. At a time when talent can be hard to find, companies who focus on developing their people come out ahead. Investing in development, recognizing people's contributions and providing a path to career progress creates talent that's more likely to stay with your organization and perform at a higher level.

That's why Creative Workforce Solutions is pleased to introduce New Jersey's first Coach In Residence program. Designed to help you develop leadership, demonstrate a commitment to advancement, enhance performance and strategically plan for effective succession, the Coach In Residence program makes transformative coaching accessible to organizations of any size. Take advantage of an ongoing, personal partnership with a certified coach who can deliver tools and tactics to support each participant's personal and professional goals at significant cost savings.

Find out how the Coach In Residence program can make a difference for you!

Standardizing management skills.

Sue was recently invited to join the inaugural Management Certification Advisory Board for the American Management Association. As one of the nation's top leadership training organizations, AMA is creating the new standard for evaluating critical skills and knowledge at the manager level across multiple competencies and domains. These skills range from critical thinking and change management to data visualization and presentation skills.

In developing this new skills framework from which the management certification exam has been derived, AMA reached out to a handful of thought leaders from education, industry and consulting. These 17 individuals now comprise the AMA Management Certification Advisory Board.

Tapping into these broad perspectives will help AMA ensure that the competencies included in the credential cover what is truly required for professional effectiveness today and looking forward.

AMA's Body of Knowledge for Managers will be published in October and the first Management Certification exam will be offered in May. In the meantime, Sue is looking forward to working closely with experts in organizational development, training, diversity and inclusion, organizational culture, strategic alliances, technology, ethics and more over the coming months.

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Advanced analytics add compensation clarity.

Our strategic technology partner, CWS Software, continues to enhance the popular compensation management platform, TalentComp. In addition to streamlining the management of all types of employee compensation, the most recent release offers advanced analytics. Now TalentComp makes it easy to create visualizations that help ensure your pay practices are equitable across the organization, quickly identify outliers and provide senior management with easy-to-understand reports.

Are you still using spreadsheets for compensation review and management? Find out how TalentComp saves time and assures greater fairness and accuracy.

Thank You!

In recent weeks, we've brought on several new clients and, as always, most of them have been introduced through word-of-mouth. So in addition to our deep gratitude for your business, we'd like to thank you for trusting Creative Workforce Solutions enough that you continue to share us with friends and colleagues. We know that we owe every successful year to you!