Whether you need a short-term HR executive or help sorting through reams of paper, Creative Workforce Solutions is right there. We've stepped in to help countless businesses get up and running, ride out a rough spot or take on special projects.

Administrative Support

As some industries and functions move toward paperless offices, HR professionals remain buried under reams of paper. What’s more, even records stored electronically need to be continually updated in order to stay current. Further complicating the situation are growing regulations around how long to keep information, as well as how it must be stored and who is allowed access.

These are just a few of the reasons Creative Workforce Solutions excels at HR administration. We can help you get your HR house in order through:

Reviewing and completing I-9 documents

Setting up compliant personnel and benefits files

Auditing records for missing, outdated or inaccurate information

Filing annual EEO-1 reports

Not only can these services help prevent incurring fines in the case of an audit by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor or EEOC, our dedication to these critical tasks reduces the risk of human error while freeing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Often, especially in mid-sized businesses, the human resources team finds itself taking on roles outside standard HR responsibilities. In fact, many people expect that payroll is part of the HR role. As a result, it’s not unusual for payroll and related tasks to wind up on the already-full plates of human resources professionals.

As you know, however, payroll is clearly deadline driven. When time is tight, you don’t have the option of putting it off until next week—or even tomorrow.

It is, however, something you can easily outsource.

At Creative Workforce Solutions, we understand the importance of having payroll managed effectively, accurately and on time. Our team of HR and finance professionals are always ready to pitch in—whether it’s just during crunch times for bonuses, raises or year-end processing, or as an ongoing resource for day-to-day payroll processing.

Led by a controller who offers extensive experience with a wide range of payroll platforms, our Payroll Services group regularly assists our clients with all of their payroll needs.

Interim or Acting HR Team

The human resources function has grown to include a greater purpose within an organization. Although responsibility has increased, in most cases, staffing has not—internal resources can be challenged with a workload beyond their capacity or skill set. Creative Workforce Solutions can provide external expertise to align with your company’s strategic goals and long range plans.

Our team can help to take a strategic look at your human resources function by considering your organizational structure and the factors that affect your people and their performance. Look to us for a full range of services.

Interim HR services—For firms looking for HR leadership, requiring assistance during a staff leave of absence, or who need temporary HR support during peak times

Overview of HR systems, processes, programs and people—Gap analysis and recommendations for improvement

Contract recruiting services

Strategic planning

Organizational development

Employee handbooks, policy manuals and business process mapping/SOPs

Succession planning and performance management

Compensation and salary administration