There’s a difference between filling a job and staffing an organization. Talent acquisition and talent management require a commitment to hire, manage and retain employees who are right for your organization. Solid processes and systems that track the lifecycle of employees are what keep the best workforces in place.

That’s why Creative Workforce Solutions works with your team to develop a recruitment strategy based on your needs and best practices. Then we focus on finding the right people to add value to your organization over the long term. Our team of HR professionals goes beyond basic recruiting to assist with every detail—from branding your recruitment program and crafting job postings to sourcing and screening candidates who are ideal for your company.

And, as many of our clients have learned, because we are not a contingency search firm, we help build your organization at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent engagement, Creative Workforce Solutions developed a recruitment strategy and placement plan which placed more than 30 new hires in less than 5 months, saving the company over $300,000 in contingency search firm fees.

Perhaps the most compelling statement we can make is that every client who has brought us in has asked us back again.

Find out how Creative Workforce Solutions can help you find and hire the right people for your long-term success.

Nationwide sourcing and screening

Hiring and onboarding

Improvement of management skill sets through training

Development of recruitment branding tied to overall branding initiatives

Recruitment strategies based on competencies and mapped to corporate values

Candidate and employee talent assessments