We are Creative Workforce Solutions

You can’t build upon a weak foundation - especially when it comes to your company’s workforce. Strengthening foundations in order to plan for the future is Creative Workforce Solutions’ strength. We implement practical solutions to address problems and think ahead to develop a solid structure that will see a company into the future. This unique blend of sensible and visionary strategies is what sets Creative Workforce Solutions apart.

From compliance to recruitment and retention to operations and training methodologies, we will work with your company to solidify its basic structure and lay the foundation for growth. Creative Workforce Solutions thinks three to five years ahead of the workforce itself, implementing a forward-thinking approach to HR and technology for your workplace.

Please contact us to discover how we can help you with your HR problems. And remember, for Creative Workforce Solutions, the bigger the problem, the better!

Susan Brocaglia


Asking tough questions and recognizing trends in each industry help me set up a company for success.

Carrie Plantamura, CPC, AHH

VP, Consulting and Coaching Services

It's a simple question but it always unlocks possibility… 'What do you want?'

Maria Olsakowski

Payroll & Benefits Consultant

When you like doing something, it's a pleasure to share it with others. For me, helping companies solve their payroll challenges is really rewarding.

Michael Jamison

Contract Recruiter

It's not just what's in the job description. It's about figuring out who is the right fit for the organization's personality and culture.

Jason De Ruggiero

Contract Recruiter

I encourage managers to expand their 'like to have' list and minimize the 'need to haves.' It's a great way to expand possibilities.

Ginny Erianne

HR Administration

I love that Creative Workforce Solutions clients make each day new and interesting.

Gina Paparella

HR Consultant

I love HR and recruiting—advocating for people and designing effective programs. Even after everything I've done, there's no place I'd rather be.

Barbara Strautman

HR Consultant

I love being able to see through stressful situations and to create clear, workable solutions for my clients.

Mike Erianne

Payroll Consultant

The idea of helping people find their dream job while helping companies finding their dream hires has become my passion.

Jocelyn Virgil-Phillips, PHR

HR Consultant

I enjoy helping people come together and seeing them collaborate as a team.

Melissa Ganchev

HR Consultant

I love knowing that by establishing high standards, a long-term strategy and good practices, we can make the people aspect of a company its greatest source of ROI.