It's been a bumpy 2020, but we can help smooth it out.

No more checking a box—meaningful DEI initiatives.

Black Lives Matter and the White House's decision to end federal diversity training have put the spotlight on diversity, equity and inclusion this year, leading to many organizations seeking more meaningful, measurable programs.

Management guru Peter Drucker refers to this time as the "age of social transformation." Still, too many companies (and the federal government) haven't seen the writing on the wall. They view DEI as merely a box to be checked, and it's their loss. Success today depends upon a company's ability to respond to change with new thinking, new structures and new linkages to resources. Handled thoughtfully, DEI initiatives can lead to substantive improvements in employee trust, retention, satisfaction and engagement, ultimately helping you reach your performance and innovation goals.

Creative Workforce Solutions has been breaking new ground in DEI on two fronts. First, we're collaborating with Carrie Spell-Hanson of The Folke Institute, who has dedicated her career to enhancing organizational effectiveness by helping multicultural teams excel. Carrie has done wonders for PepsiCo, TimeLife and Prudential, and now she's available to bring that level of expertise to you.

We're also upgrading our approach to employee engagement. In place of static employee engagement surveys, we're adopting a next-generation platform, WikiWisdom, that drives much more valuable learning and change. This breakthrough brings employees together in a moderated forum to uncover company-specific challenges, craft relevant solutions and provide insights directly to the CEO.

In just a few weeks, your organization can learn how employees are really feeling, identify front-line thought leaders, create a plan, and begin taking corrective action that addresses the unique issues embedded in your workforce and culture.

We're very impressed with the way Carrie Spell Hanson of The Folke Institute is tapping into employee experiences to craft targeted solutions. Find out more about The Folke Institute and WikiWisdom, then reach out to Creative Workforce Solutions to see how you can benefit from these pioneering approaches.

Coming back safely from COVID-19.

Whether just a few or all of your employees are on site, or you're just planning your return to the workplace, COVID-19 preparedness recommendations are complicated and constantly evolving.

Creative Workforce Solutions has brought on Loretta Vitale, a board-certified physician assistant, to provide training and guidance for protecting your staff—and keeping them safe as pandemic fatigue reduces people's vigilance.

Compare your safety plan to the checklist below.

  • Written a safety plan
  • Read and affirmed the DOH Office Interim Guidance for Office Space
  • Completed training by a healthcare professional familiar with CDC, DOH and OSHA guidelines
  • Designated a safety monitor for ongoing compliance
  • Established physical distancing protocols
  • Created and maintain logs of hygiene and cleaning protocols
  • Implemented daily health screenings of employees, contractors and visitors
  • Established tracing, tracking and notification processes
  • Communicated clear policies around employee illness and return to work
  • Restricted travel and mandate quarantine for travelers
  • Met notice and signage requirements

Creative Workforce Solutions can provide clear, up-to-date training tailored to your industry, business size and type, and geography, as well as support for meeting all of the requirements above. Please send an email to Loretta to get started.

Take the bias out of your incentive program.

People are subjective. It doesn't matter how hard we try, deeply buried biases can enter our decision making, affecting who we recruit, what they get paid, and how we distribute bonuses.

If the goal of your incentive program is to motivate employees, anything less than a fair, transparent system may have an effect that's the opposite of what you intend.

Rather than leaving incentives up to individual manager opinion, we recommend automating the process. By calculating payouts based on specific criteria and consistently scoring progress against individual and organizational goals, software takes emotion, preference and bias out of your incentive program. FlexComp from our partner CWS Software was designed from the ground up to make this process easy, allowing you to create an unlimited number of distinct bonus programs for various employee types, assigning appropriate weights to each goal and distributing your bonus pool fairly.

What's more, FlexComp provides clear, individualized reports, so each employee can see how their bonus was calculated.

We've found that ensuring equity and transparency across the board has a tremendously positive impact on the way employees view their incentives and the program itself. If you're still relying on spreadsheets and off-the-cuff manager assessments, we encourage you to take a closer look at FlexComp.

Thank you for another great year!

It's definitely been challenging, but it's been rewarding to help our new and long-term clients through the year's shake-ups. We've gotten to know many new clients, most through referrals. We can't thank you for this enough—we appreciate your trust and we're committed to keep reflecting well on you! We wish you all the best in the coming months.