With the emergence of AI, HHR (human human resources) is more important than ever.

Each year around our anniversary (this is number 14!), I like to reflect on changes in the HR landscape. These past few years, with the pandemic and ensuing shift to remote and hybrid work, big moves forward for DEI, and now generative AI, it feels like change has gone into overdrive.

This year, like so many, has shown us that no matter what is happening in the market, HR works best when it’s managed by people who understand the culture, aims and individuals who make up a business. So, as people look for ways to turn tasks over to ChatGPT and the like, I believe real human resources will make smart companies (and smart candidates) stand out even more. I hope you enjoy reading my perspective, Getting our arms around AI.

On the home front, the past twelve months have seen new and long-term clients thrive and our own Creative Workforce team continue to grow—including the return of our much-missed HR generalist, Lyn James. Be sure to say hello.

As always, I’m here any time you have a challenge or an idea you’d like to bounce off me. Please keep the lines open!

All the best,
Sue Brocaglia
President, Creative Workforce Solutions

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