Coaching Testimonials

Carrie Plantamura coached me during a time of great professional transition. I could not have asked for a more appropriate fit for what I needed than Carrie. She brings a wonderful mix of listening, support, guidance, insight, trust, and humor to her practice. She pushes you to challenge your traditional ways of thinking that initially take you out of your comfort zone, but is truly worth the ride if you are willing to take it. As someone who was – and still is – in a professional transformation, it requires great focus and adaptability. I would not have wanted any other coach to go on that journey with me other than Carrie. If you are blessed to have the opportunity to work with Carrie, jump on it…and jump on it now!

Digital Healthcare Consultant

At the inception of working with Carrie Plantamura in February 2018, I reviewed my goals with her and worked with her for two months (meeting once a week for one hour per session) to meet these goals. Her patience, coaching and unyielding encouragement helped give me the confidence I needed to conquer my fears and succeed with presenting products on QVC. Her coaching was much more than providing me with the “tools” to succeed; it was specifically designed to work for me. She simplified the process to achieve my goals with each session. One of my major goals was to conquer my fear of appearing and presenting on live television in front of 80 million viewers on QVC. Her process was implemented in small steps and I appreciated the one-on-one sessions with Carrie. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal plan for all around better wellness… both physically and mentally. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Carrie and I wish to thank her for her support.

On-Air Personality

Through my coaching engagement, I was able to imagine a calmer, happier environment – revealed by Carrie’s keen questioning which enabled me to separate my vision for my success from my loyalty to others. After weeks of thoughtful questions and “reframing into the positive”, I felt released from the grips of my own frustration and lifted to a place of empowerment.

Carrie encouraged me to be authentic with all of my actions – being true to who I am and what I value. Carrie coached and guided me during major changes in my personal and professional life. I not only made it to the other side of those changes, I successfully walk with my head high ready for whatever comes next!

Vice President, Business Division – Technical Services

My partnership with Carrie has helped me identify my adverse habits, contrary perspectives and negative thought processes. Recognizing these qualities has allowed me to break through these day-to-day barriers and develop more positive and constructive behavior. My enhanced perspective, coupled with my problem-solving skills and communication improvements have enabled me to build stronger relationships and ambitiously plan my individual, future goals.

I am so grateful that I have been afforded this opportunity to collaborate with someone as knowledgeable and insightful as Carrie. She has affected me tremendously in ways that words cannot fully express.

Finance Manager, Manufacturing