With the emergence of AI, HHR (human human resources) is more important than ever.

Getting our arms around AI
  Reading through the EY 2023 Work Reimagined Survey, I noted an interesting disconnect. Employers and employees each selected skills-building and training as top priorities. Both groups also expressed enthusiasm about the potential for generative AI to increase productivity and lead to new ways of working. In spite of that, both groups ranked training around generative AI as a low priority. Does this mean that AI's place in business remains more hype than substance? Or that people are just waiting to figure out what to do about it? We know that candidates are already using ChatGPT to compose resumes and cover letters. And there's a strong temptation to use it to write handbooks and job descriptions. But my position on this remains unchanged—in order to be useful tools, documents like these have to mirror a company's culture, vision and goals. And that can only be achieved by a plugged-in human resources professional who has taken the time to immerse themselves in a business and its workforce. You can spot AI-generated text a mile away—like when you see a cover letter that says "I am writing to express my strong interest in the accountant position at [Company Name], as advertised on [Job Posting Source]. As a highly motivated and detail-oriented finance professional, I am eager to contribute my expertise to your renowned firm's success." Unless you're hiring robots, this madlib/fill-in-the-blanks approach to documentation only leads to compliance-based legalese that nobody reads or understands. If you want to create guides for managers and staff that actually guide your management and staff, you can start with AI-generated text. But you'll still need a human to make it relevant and right for your people.
Trending now: Embedded coaching
  EY's 2023 Work Reimagined Survey noted that cultivating trust and having a people-centric leadership model is linked to significantly better organizational outcomes, including perceptions of better culture and productivity. We could have told them that without a survey—it's something we see every day, and what makes our Coach in Residence program a great choice for many companies. With Coach in Residence, we don't actually move in, but we do embed ourselves in your company, culture and leadership team, providing ongoing, targeted coaching for multiple members of your organization. While each member is coached individually according to their own plan, this coordinated approach across managers and executives helps invididuals and the business as a whole develop strengths, address challenges and grow toward shared goals. People become better communicators, supervisors, strategists—and it all adds up to greater accountability and competence across the board. It's a powerful, cost-effective way to support emerging and established leaders and advance the whole company. Carrie and the Creative Workforce Solutions coaching team would be happy to discuss how Coach in Residence can work for you. Reach out any time!
Job descriptions people read
  It's unfortunate. So many job descriptions are slaved over only to wind up archived somewhere, only to be read if someone wants to point out that a task isn't their responsibility. At first glance, you might think job descriptions are a good candidate for ChatGPT. But there's a much better way. I've consulted with our technology partner, CWS Software, on CareerMap, a platform that makes descriptions searchable, comparable, and valuable for development and direction. Career transparency is a big priority for employees today—they want to be able to visualize a path forward and identify exactly what competencies they need and gaps to fill to achieve their goals. CareerMap makes job descriptions living documentation that inspires and motivates—in fact, at companies where the system is in use, employees are accessing the descriptions regularly. Take a look at the video on the CWS Software CareerMap page and let me know what you think!
Cheers to another great year!
  For us, success has always been measured in the relationships we build and the results we achieve for others. Our own growth is a happy byproduct of Creative Workforce Solutions' commitment to our clients and an absolutely incredible team that fits together beautifully. Thank you for being a part of it, with your business, your referrals, and your great energy! Please remember that we're here for anything—well, anything HR—any time. All the best, Sue Brocaglia President, Creative Workforce Solutions