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The ongoing crisis is pushing anxiety levels to an all-time high and the feelings of uncertainty and chaos are bleeding into every aspect of our lives—it's no surprise that you might be craving an escape.

Squashing anxiety and finding an escape are things you can do for yourself, when you know how to refocus your mind. All it takes is a moment of Zen.

In one of the sweetest movies ever made, Finding Nemo, there is a scene in which Nemo's best friend and father travel down a dark and scary crevasse to find a scuba mask with the address to find the lost fish. They get to the bottom by telling themselves to "just keep swimming," even though the fear is almost paralyzing. When they find a glowing ball of light among the darkness, they're mesmerized and happy—until they notice that the light is actually the lure of a big, sharp-toothed fish ready to inhale them. But until that moment, the light brings them peace. (And, of course, it's Disney. So everyone is fine after the hilarious chase scene concludes.)

There are two important points here:  

  1. Even when things seem dark, scary and uncertain, we can find moments to feel happy and at peace—Zen.
  2. Sometimes we can face our biggest fears and unravel a nightmare by changing how we think and feel about the situation.

Moments of Zen make a difference.
Through a mix of breathing techniques and movement, you can learn to refocus and feel at peace.

With some guidance, you'll find out how to access your Zen no matter where you are—sitting in your car during a traffic jam or lying in bed at night worrying. You can master simple yet powerful practices that enable you to reclaim your peaceful, relaxed self in just ten minutes or less.

These breathing techniques and mindful movements can help you:
  • Instill a sense of calm
  • Regain your focus
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Slow down your heart rate
  • Improve your lung function
  • Reduce stiffness and muscle tension
  • Boost your immune system

Help your teams create their own Moments of Zen.
Share these brief, engaging videos with your employees. Developed by yoga and pilates instructor, Judy Heany, each video incorporates specific movements and techniques that anyone can do to release our bodies and minds from the struggles of the pandemic.

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