After two years of focus on employee health,
it’s time to check the health of your business.


Back to basics: The value of an Organizational Health Assessment.


Many HR professionals we know (and we know a lot of you) have found little time the past two years to check in on the health of the business. As things ease up a bit and companies are positioning themselves for the year ahead, one of our earliest offerings is back in the spotlight—the Organizational Health Assessment.

This high-level review of your culture, values, structure, strategy and plans for the future can help you identify gaps and areas that need attention, allowing you to address opportunities before they become problems.

One recent client, for example, found a significant disconnect in the culture they expressed and the way they actually presented themselves to their employees. Another client CEO met with us to discuss his concerns about how he was losing track of culture and values as his organization grew.

While we do offer this as a service, I really just want to impress upon you the importance of taking an objective look at all facets of your operation from time to time—how do they hang together? Are they strategic? Do they still fit?

When we perform an Organizational Health Assessment, we look at:

  • Business plan, including financial modeling, KPIs, reporting tools
  • Technology platforms and capabilities
  • HR and legal compliance and efficacy, including processes, systems, staff, programs and metrics
  • Leadership team alignment and development needs
  • Staff assessments, satisfaction and engagement
  • Organizational culture and support
  • Internal processes and communications
  • Recruitment branding

This comprehensive view allows us to get out of the weeds and really see your strengths and challenges, as well as crafting a roadmap for necessary improvements. To see how this might apply to your organization, give us a shout—and save 13% to boot!

Hot right now—leveling up skills.


The solution to retaining great people is development—of their leaders and themselves. At Creative Workforce Solutions, we’re thrilled to see that this concept is being embraced by businesses, with a big uptick in management training and leadership coaching as well as more tactical training across the board.

Our offerings in this area tend to be values-based. After all, we believe that before you can know who you are as a manager, you have to know who you are as a person. In other words, what is your EQ, or emotional intelligence? EQ is the ability to connect to one’s own feelings and the feelings of others to shape how people engage and react to one another. This is especially important for success in business. EQ is often more important than natural intelligence or IQ in determining success, and is the first step in leveling up your management team and new leaders.

CWS Software +


Our technology partner, CWS Software, has announced an exciting new partnership with to provide unmatched, end-to-end compensation management.

Focused entirely on supporting HR needs and workflows, CWS Software has been expanding compensation solutions at record rates over the past two years. The offering now includes TalentComp for compensation planning, FlexComp for incentive compensation computations and DataEnvoy for off-cycle compensation change requests.

Recently, upon recognizing a need to provide a holistic view of compensation across an organization, CWS Software partnered with As a result, employers can easily access industry-leading compensation data and intuitive software that complete the compensation management workflow. Please reach out to CWS for purpose-built technology solutions (and, of course, the Creative Workforce team for all of your salary administrative consulting needs).

Who says 13 isn’t lucky?


It’s been a huge year for Creative Workforce Solutions, and I’m pleased to take a moment to breathe and thank every client, every referral, every team member, and every friend of the company.

We hope you’re back on the road toward normalcy, and if there’s anything we can do to help you achieve that, please let us know.

I’d love it if you celebrated our 13th anniversary by taking me up on our 13% discount on an Organizational Health Assessment. Just say the word and we’ll start tailoring that to your business.