Team Bios

Susan Brocaglia


Sue founded Creative Workforce Solutions in 2009, after decades working for established HR organizations in a variety of industries.

Since then, Sue and her team have partnered with start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies to streamline and grow the HR landscape, adopt best practices, and identify and develop valuable new hires. A natural problem solver, Sue has a talent for stepping in and providing immediate solutions to structural challenges as well as laying a readily scaled foundation for growth. She’s also been instrumental in developing purpose-built technology solutions that automate and manage many HR tasks, freeing clients’ time to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

As Creative Workforce Solutions has grown, Sue has focused on expanding the offering from traditional HR consulting to include leadership development and coaching, payroll services, benefits consulting, administrative support, and employee communications. A recognized leader in shaping effective HR practices, Sue also shares her insights as a member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce and through industry speaking engagements.

Carrie Plantamura, CPC, AHH

Vice President, Operations Consulting and Coaching Services

To help your organization meet the needs of the evolving workforce, Carrie serves as an Operational Change Agent, Executive Coach, and Strategic Trainer. Her areas of expertise include defining and guiding organizational culture, leadership development, and optimizing workflows and business processes for more effective brand and talent management.

Her focus is on collaborating closely with executives and high potential employees to define and guide the growth of positive organizational culture. Through one on one and team coaching partnerships clients are empowered to maximize their potential and fulfillment both professionally and personally.

As a certified coach, she uses a practical, solution-focused approach to the one on one partnerships. By creating the right environment for each client, possibilities can be explored, awareness increases, and clients are able to change, achieving their self-authored goals.

Mike Erianne

Contract Recruiter

Early in his career, while working as an information technology consultant at various organizations, Mike began to recognize and appreciate the diversity of corporate cultures. Over the years, as he was often tasked with staffing his own projects, he realized the he had a knack for matching the right talent and personalities with the right roles and environments.

Throughout his fifteen years as a consultant, Mike’s interest in recruiting grew. Now, years after making the leap into staffing, Mike is very happy to be part of the Creative Workforce Solutions team. His philosophy about accepting nothing short of an ideal match drives everything he does for the clients and candidates he serves.

Michael Jamison

Contract Recruiter

As a former executive in the manufacturing space, Mike brings a C-level perspective to identifying, interviewing and recruiting prospective employees. His understanding of business operations, team building and how to motivate employees all help him in his work for Creative Workforce Solutions’ clients.

Mike also delivers extensive experience in process improvement, extending the same philosophy he once applied to manufacturing to streamlining processes throughout the organization. He feels that if you can define and automate the routine functions of a job or department, people can devote more energy to tasks that require special focus, leading to continual improvement throughout the organization. This sort of thinking consistently leads to great efficiencies for our clients.

Maria Olsakowski

Payroll & Benefits Consultant

Maria is the heart of Creative Workforce Solutions’ payroll services and professional accounting practice. She often acts as a part of our clients’ HR teams and manages payroll and benefits administration for our clients, as well as handling our own in-house accounting.

Maria began her career as a CPA with Price Waterhouse. Over the years, she has worked in a variety of industries—from banking and real estate to manufacturing— finding her niche in small business development. She has also gained experience in the polar opposite of small business, handling consolidation, SEC reporting and business planning for a major multinational pharmaceutical company. As a result, Maria brings a great depth and breadth of experience to Creative Workforce Solutions’ clients.

Jocelyn Virgil-Phillips, PHR

HR Consultant

With HR leadership experience at L’Oréal, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson and other household names, Jocelyn offers a wealth of insight into general HR activities, as well as deep understanding of the needs associated with pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturing and distribution. In fact, she first connected with Creative Workforce Solutions as the director of human resources at D’Artagnan, Inc., when she brought us in to assist with payroll.

Jocelyn provides Creative Workforce clients with tremendous value across the HR spectrum, with special expertise in employee relations, compliance and policy development. She is particularly adept at conflict resolution and helping people come together and collaborate well as a team.

Barbara Strautman

HR Consultant

After spending the first part of her career in leadership roles for corporate and advertising agency teams, Barbara brings her expansive skill set to Creative Workforce Solutions. This includes high-level insights and strategy, as well as managing even the most detailed HR functions while chief operating officer of a marketing consulting firm.

Now she works directly with Creative Workforce Solutions clients to deliver a wide range of critical HR services including payroll, resource management, benefits administration, employee handbook development and more. A gifted problem solver, Barbara loves being able to see through stressful situations and creating clear, workable solutions for her clients.

Gina Paparella

HR Consultant

From Wall Street and retail to healthcare and nonprofits, Gina brings a wide range of industry insights to her role at Creative Workforce Solutions. What’s more, her experience spans human resources, operations and strategy, giving her a broad view of needs across any organization.

At Creative Workforce Solutions, Gina works closely with our clients to identify and recruit ideal candidates who not only fulfill requirements, but also complement their cultures. In addition, she collaborates with clients and our internal teams to provide a variety of specialized programs and general HR support. Clients appreciate that Gina is detail oriented to the nth degree, a skilled mediator and enthusiastic about any challenge.

Ginny Erianne

HR Assistant

With a background ranging from dance to IT, medical and dental, Ginny brings broad industry experience to her role at Creative Workforce Solutions.

Ginny steps in to support our clients wherever needed, from performing personnel file audits and helping develop handbooks to writing recruitment listings and tracking employee covid test results. She also provides extensive support for our training and management coaching engagements, preparing materials, compiling evaluations and capturing the outputs of these exciting sessions. She loves that Creative Workforce Solutions clients make each day new and interesting.

Sheri Palladino

HR Assistant

Beginning her career in the Parker Brothers HR department, Sheri held clerical and hiring roles before specializing in internal communications. However, loving math and languages of any type (digital or spoken), she changed direction and embarked on a successful programming career. After taking time off to raise her family, she returned to the workforce in customer service, leveraging her natural relationship building and problem solving skills.

These experiences make Sheri a perfect match for Creative Workforce Solutions, where she provides a wide range of administrative support. Our clients and internal teams appreciate her eye for detail, drive for accuracy and joyful approach to every engagement.

Loretta Vitale, PA

Health and Safety Consultant

A board-certified physician assistant, Loretta guides Creative Workforce Solutions clients in creating safer workplaces, especially as companies navigate the path back to on-site working in the era of COVID-19. She is expert at distilling CDC, DOH and OSHA recommendations into clear, actionable plans.

Loretta earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in physician assistant science at Saint Francis University. She has extensive clinical experience, including working as a hospitalist and in the emergency department in community hospitals, as well as serving at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, and in family practice, internal medicine, pulmonary and sleep medicine settings. She has also worked with a contractor to the US Department of Veterans Affairs and, most recently, provided physician support services for a national workplace safety firm.

Nicole Morgenstern

Human Resources / Business Consultant
Expert in developing curricula and content solutions, Nicole guides Creative Workforce Solutions clients toward goals in leadership, communication, strategy formation, critical thinking, decision making, innovation, and more. With over 20 years designing and delivering custom programs, she has worked with enterprises of all sizes and types.

Nicole is a consulting team member with global business education network AACSB, creating a blueprint for a new Societal Impact Initiative. She is also a founding member of the working group for the post-COVID-19 RESTORE Initiative at the Leadership Research Institute, has been sourcing coaches for a young adult resource center, and is collaborating on a new brand and business for a thought leader in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Past tenured positions with global NGOs took Nicole to more than 20 countries across Europe, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia, where she pitched and executed strategic programs in refugee resettlement, higher education, workforce development and government-sponsored initiatives.