As the chaos continues, Creative Workforce Solutions will keep shining a light.

Addressing today's issues head-on

Leadership development and data-driven compensation engagements have long been a part of the Creative Workforce Solutions offering, but their value has been amplified in recent months.

In addition, sweeping changes to traditional ways of working, brought on by the pandemic, have spurred a fresh approach to leadership and management training. The Creative Workforce Solutions team has been busy adapting proven leadership development methods to incorporate new skills and reflect the additional flexibility today's workforce requires.

At a time when talent can be hard to find, these initiatives help drive greater satisfaction and loyalty among your most valuable investment—your workforce.

Big news for our software partner

Many Creative Workforce Solutions clients employ solutions by our partner company, CWS Software. After years in the works, CWS is ready to announce that Eric Guba is now officially the company's president. Milt Melamed will remain on board as founder, but is dedicating himself to his first love, developing custom software to automate workflows.

The company remains committed to creating software that makes HR professionals' lives easier. Take a look at what CWS Software solutions can do for you and reach out if you'd like to explore them further.

Thank you for putting your trust in us

For the past twelve years, we've stepped back each October to celebrate our anniversary and think about the year ahead. We hope our recent thoughts on workplace safety, wellness, vaccines, and diversity, equity and inclusion have helped your business keep moving forward—we'll keep providing our point of view in the year to come.

If you missed any of the perspectives we sent out, we've collected them all in an Insights and News page on our website.

Thank you for being a part of the Creative Workforce Solutions extended family, and for helping our business grow through referrals and your continued support. We wish the best for you in the coming months. Please reach out any time we can help you navigate any issue, large or small!